STRAP TABLE - DIY Project for everyone
Design by Constantin Boes, Juan José Alcobendas and Lara Álvarez.
More and more people live in small flats in big cities, change flats regularly and have needs and demands for their furnishings that change and are short-lived. Based on this background and with the idea of DIY in mind, a concept was developed that can be ordered as a flat pack or even built completely independently within one's own four walls. For this purpose, either the purchase as a ready-made kit or the plans for download are available, which can then only be implemented by hand with the help of a jigsaw.​​​​
Research and problem statement
In order to do justice to this task, numerous interviews and research were carried out in order to realise a DIY project for which little or no previous knowledge of handicraft activities is required. Due to the limited tools, no screws and glue, the project is also feasible for absolute beginners and an entry into the world of DIY.
Operation and construction
STRAP TABLE is a side table with a height of 60cm that can be used comfortably next to an armchair or as part of a seating group. At the same time, it is also ideal as a bedside table next to a bed. The construction is simple and is only held together by the tension of the two straps. They allow assembly without screws and permanent glue or the like. For disassembly, the tensioning straps can be loosened very easily and the table can be packed again as a flat pack to be stowed away for a move or sale. The latter has been developed especially with the background of regular moving and changing of the furnishing style of the target group. 
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