tautau - an ergonomic working and workout solution
Design by Constantin Boes.
Research and problem statement
The new way of working strongly influences our daily routine and leads to new rhythms, habits and behaviour patterns in many people. Especially people who have to work from the home office from one day to the next are confronted with completely new problems. When does my working day start if I suddenly can decide for myself and nobody controls when I appear in the office? When do I take breaks if I don't go to lunch with my colleagues? How long do I work if I do not have to catch a train after work? 
Apart from major structural problems, however, the lack of technical equipment and the often poor working environment, which is simply not designed for long-term use over months, are a factor that can lead to restlessness, stress and general dissatisfaction. 
A balance must be found for these psychological burdens, which in most cases, however, must also take place in the home environment and therefore very limited. A training support that makes the home workout easier and more comfortable is for many a welcome change from the stressful new everyday life.
​​​​​​​This seating object combines a posture correction, promoted by ergonomic design, during hours of work with effective and simple training against tension, blockages and improves general fitness. 
This allows for a balance to be created during breaks or after work, allowing new energy and strength to be drawn to master current tasks.
Design and construction
Tautau consists of a high quality spring core frame, which is covered with polyfoam and then finally covered with a composite of polyester and nylon (ratio 67% polyester, 33% nylon). The cover provides a pleasant textile-like feeling when sitting, but is at the same time very resistant to liquids and dirt due to its properties and can be easily wiped off after the sport. 
​​​​​​​The weight inside the seat object is a plastic container filled with sand, which provides the necessary stability and pendulum characteristics. The underside is covered with a shell made of PP to provide the necessary freedom of movement while protecting the cover from dirt. The base is also insensitive and softer than conventional floor coverings, which is why it does not scratch. ​​​​​​​
Model making
A wooden "cross core" was made for the function model, which was covered with Styrodur to simulate the shape and behavior of the seat object. The upper side was also reinforced with foam to imitate the seat upholstery. In the bottom of the object is a 5kg weight to compensate for swaying and movement. 
In the finished model, the functional model will be covered with upholstery flow and then with textile to give the object its softness.
In addition to its use as a sitting object at a writing or dining table, tautau can also be used for numerous stretching and strength exercises and therefore offers an ideal complement to its tasks as a sitting object. While working, it subconsciously and completely naturally corrects the user's posture through its movement characteristics, thereby training the spine and shoulder muscles.
When used as a training aid, tautau can be used to train many other muscle groups. This happens mostly subconsciously, because the body has to compensate instictively for the movements caused by the design of the seat object and thus trains the supporting and locomotor system. This can be done through simple mobility exercises, such as moving the pelvis and hips in a simple sitting position, or through various other exercises that put greater demands on the trainee's sense of balance and thus improve body awareness and strength. 
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